Sabtu, 05 Juli 2014


We find ourselves at the rather run-down El Tren club in Granada, a venue visited by us only last year, and which has somehow managed to get even crappier since. Frankly the entire place is falling to bits, and Vincent worryingly reported seeing cockroaches in the shower. A couple of our entourage have reported intestinal discomfort during our journey through the Iberian peninsula, a couple of close calls having narrowly been avoided with impromptu roadside stops, the bus's onboard toilet being out of bounds for anything other than liquids. In fact, one unnamed bus-mate found himself having to fashion a makeshift lavatory out of a cardboard box this morning (that reminds me of a song - "Am I shitting in a box? Am I shitting in a cardboard box?") in the car park of the El Tren when such an emergency presented itself. Just as relief was assured the van carrying support act Slamo pulled through the gates. Perfect timing I would say, though that's hardly surprising as one-time Anathema stand-in Daniel Cardoso is their drummer. The photo shows "Gimp-affe" (well, you explain the one-piece leather suit) which has become something of an unofficial tour mascot.

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