Rabu, 24 Desember 2014

A brief hop over to Europe...

is what's in store for me, somewhere around October twentieth for a week or thereabouts. I'll be driving, teching and merch-selling for those perky progsters North Atlantic Oscillation who, as those with keen faculties will recall, supported Anathema on more than one prestigious occasion and gained many friends in the process. It's been a fairly quiet summer for me since I resigned as Anathema's guitar tech way back in May when the band and dear old friend Les Smith parted company in less than ideal circumstances, though I've picked up a few jobs driving young punk bands to and from festivals and erected a few stages in the meantime. I've also been recording my own band Idiot's debut ep in my home studio (ie a laptop, keyboard and mic), and I don't mind saying it's much harder work than I ever dreamt it would be, but most definitely worth the effort. Won't be long now.

Back soon.

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